I drive Safe Activities


  • Road Safety Training to Govt. Motor Vehicle Department in IMG
  • Road Safety Training to Police Officers at Police Training Academy
  • Fuel Milage tips and training to Volvo Bus Drivers in Govt. Public Transport Corporation
  • Fuel Milage tips and training to BPCL ( Govt. of India) drivers
  • Vehicle Maintenance Training to Technicians

Training conducted at IMG for Motor Vehicle Inspectors on 17th October 2022

Training conducted at Police Training Academy, Trissur on 6th December, 2022


YouTube Channel

Youtube.com/@drivesafely is just started in 3 months back in regional language

Catch them young- Project

Designing a training material on Road Safety awareness using basic Mathematics and Physics for high School Students

Smart Driver Program

How to drive smart- Be Safe and Be Economical