I drive safe. A new Youtube Channel for all safe driving enthusiasts

I drive safe is a youtube channel produced by Sibi Mathai hailing from Cochin.

Sibi is a 1994 batch Automobile Engineering Diploma holder from Govt Polytechnic, Kalamassery with 4th rank in the State of Kerala, India. Later he started his career with Tata dealership and attended Workshop Supervisory Training during the year 1994-’95 at Tata Motors Jamshedpur and New Delhi.

Started the career with Volvo India Private limited in 1999 as Workshop In-charge for the State of Kerala. Since 2005, he took over the service dealership of Volvo Trucks and Buses for the State of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and added Karnataka territory into the dealership during the year 2018. By 2022, he completed 23 years of association with Volvo and counting….

A passionate driver with close observation of fellow driver’s behaviour since the age of 18. Drove all type of vehicles including Buses, Trucks, ODC ( Over Dimensional Cargo) trucks with 100 tyres several times.

A runner, Cyclist and a kayaker which makes him a complete user of public roads in all roles such as a pedestrian, runner, cyclist, 2- wheeler rider, car driver and all type of Heavy Truck and Bus Driver.

Completed BSc, MSc and MPhil in Applied Psychology and is pursuing Phd in “Psychology of Drivers Behaviour” from Bharathiar University.

Read hundreds of research papers and articles related to road safety, road engineering and accident safety. He is also a member of American Psychology Association.

Used to take classes for Motor Vehicle Inspectors in IMG and conducted road safety classes for corporates such as BPCL. Developed a syllabus using fundamental Math and Physics for High School Students on Road Safety and conduct classes. Trained many technical staffs and drivers of KSRTC and other state RTAs.

Visited VTI Sweden few times and interact with Scientists responsible for Road Safety Research in Sweden.

Visited more than 30 countries and having a habit of collecting Traffic rule book of counties visited and preparing a comparison study of traffic rules and road culture in different countries.

Have a decent knowledge about active and passive safety features of all latest vehicle technologies.

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